Marshmallow Cosmos

by Kristin Posehn

Snap, crackle,

Marshmallow Cosmos is a sculpture and breakfast cereal. It's equally at home in a gallery or your pantry.

The box is a replica of a supporting column underneath the I-280 freeway in San Francisco. Each one contains a bag of generic breakfast cereal—the flavor is a surprise.

These cereal boxes blend flavors of language, architecture, and community with all major vitamins and minerals. Marshmallow Cosmos calls to mind nostalgic mornings, the American tradition of advertising, and fine art from Warhol to Mike Kelley.

Each box is offset printed in full color on a commercial packaging press,  then assembled by hand, numbered, and signed by the artist. Imperfections and nicks should be considered part of its nature.

Kristin Posehn's practice dissolves architecture into sculpture and language. Her work has been exhibited in venues internationally, including the Bonnefanten Museum, NL, Netwerk Center for Contemporary Art, BE, and Aspex, UK.

By Kristin Posehn, 2007
Offset-printed cardboard, generic breakfast cereal
11.75 x 2 x 7.75 inches
Edition of 1,000
Signed and numbered